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Passion lives in our brand – the passion to inspire and enhance the lives of people who come our way. We are inspired by the culture and stories of our neighbourhood. The essence of our locale is subtly reflected in our very identity

The way we express our passion for giving you the best is through simple luxury, attention to hospitality, authentic dining and our fondness for sleek and contemporary design.

Whatever we do, we strive to be extraordinary in our day to day commitment. Your comfort is our utmost focus, expressed through simple and uncomplicated luxury in rediscovering new experiences in places well explored.

At WEIL Hotel, Everyday Can Be extraordinary. Encounter a compelling experience and open up possibilities to create lasting memories. Welcome to an establishment that will rouse your imagination and kindle your pleasures of travel.

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In WEIL Hotel, delivering seamless services and providing the best experience is our utmost priority. Kindly let us know if any assistance regarding the room is needed.